Covid-19 (Corona Virus) Update

To Our Very Valued Customers,

As we and the rest of the United States begin the difficult process of dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak, I have received telephone calls and emails in regard to how this will affect orders, working hours, etc. Needless to say, when all of our major airlines are slashing services, restaurants and bars are closing up, and major sports events are cancelled, it is obvious that business will, in the short term (hopefully just short term!) suffer substantially, so changes must be made. There are no options in that regard.

As a result, since customer service personnel may work from home, you may have a case where it takes a couple of extra rings to get us on the phone. Our telephone system is internet-based and therefore can operate from almost any location with an internet router. We also have complete remote access to our computer systems so you will not see any changes in regards to billing, order status or any of your questions. In short, you should not see any changes to your customer service experience, although it might be just a little slower!

Of course, the one thing we cannot do remotely is operate our production machinery, so we will schedule production staff to achieve your in hands dates. We may not be able to process rush orders as quickly as usual, but we will make all possible efforts to do so, and if there are any changes, we will notify you immediately.

The country is in an unprecedented situation and therefore it is impossible to predict how long this will take to run its course or what downstream impacts there may be to business in general. As the owner of this business, I have a large share of my personal assets invested in it and you may be absolutely sure that we will do everything in our power to serve you and your customers at our usual high level of service excellence.

Thank you for your business and best wishes for your health and safety as we go through this together!


Mark Dickens