Dome Top Awards

Add distinctive flair and class to your tower shaped award with a gently curved and polished top!

Full four color VeriColor™ imprinting is included in the base price of these items, or as an "add on" to any of our other processes for only $11.50 (C) each.

As with all of our crystal pieces, it is presented in our premium blue satin-lined gift box at no extra charge!

SKU Size 1 3 25 100  
DT-559 2"W x 3-1/2"H x 2"D $51.06 $42.55 $39.10 $34.50 4C Quick Ship Program
DT-6611 2-3/8"W x 4-3/8"H x 2-3/8"D $76.59 $63.83 $58.65 $51.75 4C  
DT-7713 2-3/4"W x 5-1/8"H x 2-3/4"D $106.28 $88.57 $81.39 $71.81 4C  
DT-757518 3"W x 7-1/8"H x 3"D $155.40 $129.50 $119.00 $105.00 4C  
DT-757526 3"W x 10-1/4"H x 3"D $222.00 $185.00 $170.00 $150.00 4C