Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require minimums?

No, we've never had a minimum order requirement.

Do you charge a setup fee?

No, as long as we are provided vector or line art by the customer, we do not charge for conversion to a 3-D image.

Can you drop ship? Is there a charge for it?

Yes, we can drop ship your order. No, we do not charge anything extra for that service. Please note that all names and addresses must be furnished in a spreadsheet format so that they can be automatically processed by our shipping software. Contact us for details.

What is optical crystal? Is it the same thing as leaded crystal?

Optical crystal is unlike any other crystal in that it has no mineral content at all. In fact, it is perfectly clear and colorless. Leaded crystal contains approximately 24% lead oxide, which gives off those beautiful colors when viewed in natural light. Lead crystal is not suitable for sub-surface laser engraving, but sand carves beautifully, making it one of the most elegant crystal gifts available.

How do you laser engrave inside optical crystal and glass?

We use highly accurate sophisticated lasers to focus energy at points inside the crystal or glass. This focused energy creates a small point inside the glass. This process is repeated well over one-hundred thousand times at specifically aimed positions to create the lovely 3D image you see inside our crystal and glass products.

What is sand carving, also referred to as surface etching?

Sand carving involves using a highly focused stream of silicon carbide to permanently carve your text and logo out of the crystal or glass. The benefit of this technique is that it is permanent and creates actual depth in your graphics. All of our work is done by hand to ensure a consistent and elegant look for your project.

Do you make all of your products in-house?

All of our products are made in-house. This increases reliability and assures you that accountability for the quality and timeliness of your award resides squarely with us.

Do your prices include setup fees? What if I need artwork created?

Our prices include all setup fees if appropriate artwork is provided by the client. If we have to develop suitable artwork, we will discuss this with the client in advance, and agree on a fee for this service.

What if we misspell a name or a date?

In order to avoid such mistakes, we require your signed approval on the final layouts before we start production. This helps to ensure that all names and dates are correct. However, in the event that a client is responsible for an error in spelling or layout, we will replace the item at EQP.

What kind of artwork do you require?

The short answer is that we prefer line art from software programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. We can work with bitmaps, such as JPEGs, but the quality of such images may result in a less than desirable image in the crystal. See our Artwork page for more information.

Do you offer 3D modeling services?

Yes. We retain the services of experienced and talented 3D modelers using software tools such as 3D Studio Max and Rhino 3D. If your needs include development of a 3D model, please contact us for more information and a cost quote.

How do we send you our artwork?

You may send it to us on a CD or DVD, email it to us, or if your files are too large for email, we have a FTP server. Please contact us for details.

Do you charge sales tax?

All sales in the State of Tennessee are subject to sales tax unless a State-issued sales tax exemption letter is provided. All other orders are sales tax free.

Will our order arrive safely?

We take extraordinary caution in packaging your shipment to ensure that it arrives safely. Each of our crystals are enclosed in a satin-lined and padded gift box. A white cardboard wrapper is added to ensure that the gift box does not open accidentally. Each crystal is shipped in new corrugated shipping cartons, which are lined with 3/4″ closed-cell foam on all sides. Shipping damage is a very rare occurrence because we take these precautions.

What are your hours?

We are open from 8:00AM through 5:00PM Central Time, Monday through Friday.